Squad builder is exclusive to Gaming Paradise. We transfer the coins to your account safely using the best techniques. In a fast time frame.

We apply your instructions, what players you would like, what formation you would like to use. To buy the team exactly the way you want it!

This means that we are in control of the coins and they stay on your account for the minimum time. Which results in no time for the coins to be swiped. 

Steps to order;

1 - Select console & the squad value you want to buy. Ranging from 50k to 5m.

2 - Sign in to your EA Account here. Select the 'Security' & click 'Back Up Codes' - Please copy and paste TWO of these codes. We need this to access the account.

3 - In the box provided, list any players you would like included in the squad. Please do not put unrealistic demands as we will not make the squad until we have confirmed with you. for example buying 500k will not get you Ronaldo. Please use www.futbin.com for rough prices.

This service can take up to 24 hours to complete. Although this is a maximum. We aim to complete orders within 3 hours. Please do not sign in on the account until the order has been notified as complete.