This is a brand new service that we are offering.

We believe this could be a game changer for every FIFA player!

Using this service, we will perform the trades on your account for you SAFELY, using the best techniques to send the coins across.

Instead of leaving the coins sitting, which can be a risk, we will then proceed to build your squad.

You can pick as many players as you would like to be included in the squad, or as little players, and we will complete the squad!

We devised this service as this can guarantee your coins for larger amounts, as previously our max order was 500k. This way, as we will be sending the coins over and spending them asap, including stocking up on Team Fitness, Contracts & Healing cards, this guarantees you keep your coins in case of a coin wipe.

We have trialled this on a few customers already, earning great reviews. We will post a few examples of teams we have built on our Social Media pages!


1 - Select console & the squad value you want to buy. Ranging from 50k to 5m.

2 - Sign in to your EA Account here. Select the 'Security' & click 'Back Up Codes' - Please copy and paste TWO of these codes. We need this to access the account.

3 - In the box provided, list any players you would like included in the squad. Please do not put unrealistic demands as we will not make the squad until we have confirmed with you. for example buying 500k will not get you Ronaldo. Please use www.futbin.com for rough prices.

This service can take up to 24 hours to complete. Although this is a maximum. During opening hours of 11AM - 11PM we will be aiming to get the teams complete within 3 hours.

Please DO NOT log into your account until we have finished. This can cause MASSIVE problems. As we need to send the coins over as fast as possible, and spend the coins as fast as possible, so please do not do this. Failure to follow this instruction, and having an issue such as a coin wipe, you will be responsible for this and we will not be liable for any money or lost players. So please follow our instructions and it will be fine.