About Us

Brief History of the Company.


We are proud of our reputation, but it wasn’t easy. We haven’t always had our positive feedback to fall back on. When we first started, we had no customers, no feedback, and no Facebook fans. Basically we had no buyers.


At first, I was just selling off my own coins that I had made myself. Just to get rid of them, then I was contacted by a supplier and I thought I could be on to something here. I started tobuy and sell, and each day I would spend 10 hours a day just advertising and getting the word out about this new page which sells coins.


The rest, as they say, is history. I have been selling coins since then, and added a broader range of products. I feel we have a product that EVERY gamer should be buying here. The reason being we constantly check the internet for lower prices, so we are sure to have the lowest prices. Some of the prices we have for some of our products are totally insaneA good £8-9 off the cheapest internet price nevermind the RRP! Check out our products on the tabs above, to see for yourself.


We will continue to serve you, the gaming community, to the best of our abilities. Without ever having a serious complaint (We have dealt with many false claims to get coins for free – Please note: We won’t be threatened if you haven’t paid the bill for the products) we are going extremely well and our clientele is building every single day.


We are trading as Gaming Paradise.

If you need answers, no matter how small or important it is, we will always try our very best to helpsales@gaming-paradise.co.uk


Legal information -

The coins included in this listing are free, the fee is charged in return for super fast delivery and any consultation you may require throughout the process.

No Copyrights or images have been infringed upon in the selling of this product for sale any claims that attempt to suggest otherwise will result in immediate legal action, and as such any party trying to abuse such legal documents as DMCA will find such activities reported to the relevant parties.

Please note the title does not infringe upon any copyrights held either in the United States or United Kingdom as of the time of this been uploaded.

Also note the license to sell a FIFA video game does not transfer the trademark to the name (FIFA) to Electronic Arts.

The term “100,000 FIFA Ultimate Team Coins” is not a registered trademark of Electronic Arts and as such should not be confused for any other trademarks held by Electronic Arts.

Continuing to browse this website and purchasing you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions. Please note; coins are free, it’s our same-delivery that we charge for, and once bought our service is seen as sold and it’s your responsibility.