FAQ's ?

1. If I buy 100k and spend 24k on players do I only get 76k?
Answer - No, this is a common misconception. We add the prices of the players on top of what we send. So if you buy 3 players combining 24k, we send 124k to cover this cost.
If I list my players for 1 day, like stated, does that mean II have to wait 1 day for delivery?
Answer - No, this is purely to make it easier to distinguish the cards you've listed. Delivery can be as fast as within 10 minutes at times. Our delivery service is within 1 day maximum between opening times of 10AM - 11PM UK time.
2. I don't have enough coins to buy the amount I want? What can I do?
Answer - If you find that you are short of the amount needed to buy the coins you want, you can choose a smaller package to work your way up. You could also use our 9.8k player method (explained on the product pages).
3. Not all the players I have listed for sale have been bought, why?
Answer - If any players haven't been bought, that means the info you provided us with may be incorrect. We will be in touch via email if this happens to fix it.
4. There are many coinsellers now. Why should I buy from Gaming Paradise?
Answer - Because, unlike most sellers, we are UK based. We offer fast & friendly support in English. We don't place emphasis on selling coins, we constantly research for safer ways to deliver coins and to keep buyers accounts safe. Because, frankly, what's the point in selling to a customer on a one off occasion rather than getting a customer for life? We are the #1 FUT coins website for a reason. Check out our 160,000 fans across Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.
5. I want to buy coins, but it seems too complicated and I don't know what to do. Can you help?
Answer - We will offer support to anyone who asks for it. If you would like a little help on what to do, then contact us through either;
- This website
- Our Facebook page
- Our Twitter page
If you don't want to get support, we offer comfort trades where we do all the work for you. This is actually really popular for customers as they have to do no work. We realise giving out account details seems dodgy (damn you scammers of 2011!) but we are a reputable coin selling website and we do not share your details with any other source. We keep details safe for future orders. Once the order is complete, we DO NOT log in to any accounts until you order again.
6. Can I get banned for buying FIFA coins?
Answer - Assuming you have had no warning, no coin wipe, then no. EA use a 3 strike rule before you get a ban. Our system makes it incredibly unlikely that you will get tracked by EA as we use a sophisticated system along with special players and patterns. We have thousands of orders and only have defect rates of below 0.5%. Great numbers for FIFA coin selling. We do instruct ALL customers to check out the link at the top of the product pages to help keep your coins safe when you buy. Please check it out.
Remember, this is a no returns service. Buying coins can rarely result in an account wipe. You agree to this when you buy. Please read instructions here to follow some steps to make your account less at risk to these measures.