How To Buy Coins

Here at gaming paradise we offer the widest variety of methods to receive your coins. every method has the upmost safest methods, we make the transfers of all methods as safe as possible. choose your console, choose your method, read the description and check out, then you're good to go! Watch the short video below for a guide on how to list players!


Gold player method

This is the most common method for online sellers. For example, when buying 100k, you list up 11 players for:

- 1 day auction

- 9,100 coins buy now price

- Start price above 5k

Also, please note when using this method, you cannot list 2 of the same player for the same prices, they must be different prices, as our system will show them as duplicates and not deliver the coins.

Recommended for up to 100k.


In Form Player

This is our preferred option for orders. For example, when buying 100k, you buy 4 players from the list of In Form cards that we are using. Then you list them for the prices set out on the product pages. These lists are on the descriptions on the product pages, as they often change.

How this works, we send you 100k, plus your coins for the price of the players. So if the players cost you 44k, we send 144k in total to cover that. This is the least detectable way to buy coins. Recommended for all orders ideally.


Comfort Trade

The most common method used by us for returning customers. This eliminates the time it may take to list players as we do all the work for you. Simple enter your account details that we need, stated on the comfort trade product pages, as we do the rest! EA tax is totally covered, and it's fast and we make it as safe as possible.

Recommended for up to 2million coins.


Squad Builder Service

This is a comfort trade with a twist, do you have work or a prior engagement which makes it hard to get your coins and make the team you want? We will create your team for you. We do this via a comfort trade to transfer the coins, and then one of our team will set up your team entirely to your taste, in a formation that suits you! 

Recommended for up to 4million.


If you need any more help or advice contact

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