How To Buy Coins

Here at Gaming Paradise, we offer various methods to receive your coins.
Designed to suit any player. Check the video below for a guide!
All methods are listed on the product descriptions, so select the amount you want on the correct console, then check the description! Please follow the information correctly and enjoy your coins!
We offer coins via;
- 10k player method
- Player trades
- Comfort trade

10k player method
This is the method you will most likely see throughout other coin selling websites. It's the best to suit most peoples budgets, as you only need sellable gold players to do it. Depending on the amount you buy. You list up players (for example if you're buying 50k, you list 5 players) for 9,800 buy it now price (we don't list for the full 10k as research found this was the safest way to sell. (Check the video below)

Player trades method
This is our most preferred method. We believe this is the safest of all methods around. You choose a player from our list (see product descriptions) to buy. Then list up for the amounts we provide (again, check the product descriptions). So for example, for 100k, you will buy 3 players from our list for a combined 39k, and list for the amounts shown. You get 100k, plus the price of the players back. So in this example, you receive 139k back overall. Please check when ordering as players often change.

Comfort trade
This is a very popular method. This involves giving us your details and we do the work for you. We have over 5 years experience in selling coins and have fantastic reviews. Along with 160,000 fans on Social Media making us the worlds #1 website. You give us the details we need to access the account (see product description) and we set up all the trades for you. Sit back and wait for us to finish, then the coins will arrive! Perfect for the 'lazy' FIFA player!