How To Transfer Coins

A few tips on how to transfer coins from accounts you buy from us, to your main account to use.
You can use bronze players or gold contracts and buy them in bulk on your main account then list for maximum buy it now, when listing in bulk take a note of the time remaining on your cards and list for a specific start price for example 2,300 start, 4,900 buy it now or whatever you feel happy. Then rinse them on the account you buy from us so you get as many coins as possible. 
If you have a large amount of coins you can buy better players to list for higher prices in their price ranges to transfer quicker, you may lose out slightly on coins for transferring, but you are receiving the highest price range possible so you end up with more at the end.
If you have no high quality players or coins to purchase some for the trade, pleases refer the high-cost performance method listed below to transfer coins to your own, Please be aware it takes some time.
Players such as Carlos Vela(83)(300 - 10K),  buy multiple same players and list them with same specific start price, Buy it Now price, and duration to make transferring the coins quicker.
Login to your new account, search and buy those players you have listed for specific amounts. For example, if you list 50 players, you will get 10k x 50 = 500K coins one time. After that relist them with the lowest price then relogin your main account and buy all of them. In this case, you're able to sell them with the highest price, for transfering 500k once, it will be finished after several times if you do so (Of course you could choose any other player and quantity).
Please be aware you must read & agree to the above BEFORE you buy. 
- Gaming Paradise
Follow these helpful tips on transferring coins from MULE account to your account at YOUR OWN PACE!