Why Buy Here?

  With a lot of coin websites around, why buy from Gaming Paradise?

First off, let's check out our reviews. As with coin selling, and our safe method of transferring, it can take some time, so to have such high reviews considering sometimes buyers expect the coins to be there immediately is very impressive! We will always leave you happy after you buy here, any issues we will work with you quickly to get a fix!

We go the extra mile for all of our customers:
We care about your account safety, after all, who's going to come back if they get a strike from EA? We take a lot of measures to make the transfer as safe as possible, and we have an incredibly low defect rate with selling. This is due to our techniques. This is for your, the customers, benefit.
It's a business, of course, but we pride ourselves on our fantastic service, which is the safest online, and our top notch UK support. We will not allow you to use bronze players to buy coins, like other sites do, as this is a massive risk for your account. If you ever see a seller asking to list bronze players, then immediately close that website as they do not care what happens to your account.
We give fast support for anyone who needs help, or reassuring over the process, this ranges in several different languages, so we can cater to any customers needs.
Also, we have a new lowest price guarantee, which means if you find cheaper from another reputable website within 24 hours of your order here, we will refund the difference.
So why buy elsewhere?