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G2A - FIFA 19 - Player Auction - PlayStation 4

Regular price £1.99 


The link/key you received from G2A means you follow the instructions below, and select the amount you bought in the 'Coins Amount' section. Add this to cart, and your amount due will update to FREE.

Steps to take to get your coins; 

you need to list gold (non rare) players for;

1. 5.5k start price

2. 9.1k buy now price

3. 1 day auction

your players must follow these instructions, please leave player names and prices on the boxes provided. 

the amount of players you need to list;

10k - 1 player

50k - 6 players

100k - 11 players

200k - 22 players

the players must be different. All unique players.

example of correct listing;


once your order is complete. the players will usually be bought within 6 hours. this can be up to 24 hours in especially busy times.


Once completed, please use the coins asap and leave us positive feedback on G2A! It helps a lot!

Having problems? Simply contact us via Live Chat at the bottom right of your screen. Or contact us via our Facebook page. We are happy to help!

️ Remember, this is a no returns service. Buying coins can rarely result in an account wipe. You agree to this when you buy. Please read instructions here to follow some steps to make your account less at risk to these measures. ️