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Squad Builder Service - PlayStation 4

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We are pleased to introduce the safest way to buy coins online.

You provide the details we need, we log in, we send the coins, we buy you an AWESOME team! We use any leftover coins on Team Fitness, Contracts & Healing cards to protect your coins.

This way, you can GUARANTEE to keep your coins.

Simply choose the amount you would like to buy, fill in the details, including Back Up Codes for us to access the account. You find them by signing into your EA account here > then select 'Security' then select 'Back Up Codes' then copy and paste 2 of these into the boxes below. 

Include any players you would like to be included in the squad, realistically, for example buying 500k and listing 'Ronaldo' in your squad will result in a delay in the completion of your squad as we will need to contact you to arrange other players. We will fill in the rest of your squad with the best players possible!

We have been building squads as a hobby for years, so we have got your back!

Why is it 100% safe? On the basis that you have not had an EA strike (it's your risk if you go ahead if you already have a strike by EA) then the most you can receive is a coin wipe - With us buying your team for you ASAP and using the remaining coins, if this was to happen then you would lose minimal coins! We usually leave less than 1,000 coins on the account! So as long as you follow this advice it's 100% safe!

Log into your account until we have confirmed we have finished your order. We will mark the order as 'SENT' so you will get an email notification. We need to send the coins as quickly as possible and spend the coins on your account as quickly as possible. So if you sign in you are restricting our access to the account, making the process longer. If this happens and you lose any coins you are solely responsible for this. You agree to this when you buy. We do not reimburse any lost coins and orders are non refundable. If you follow our instructions you can guarantee to keep your coins.
This service can take up to 24 hours to complete. Within our opening times of 11am - 11pm we will aim to get the teams finished within 3 hours of payment.
Please note, for first time orders we may request a form of ID before the order is completed. This is purely for safety reasons.




Having problems? Simply contact us via Live Chat at the bottom right of your screen. Or contact us via our Facebook page. We are happy to help!

⚠️ Remember, this is a no returns service. Buying coins can rarely result in an account wipe. You agree to this when you buy. Please read instructions here to follow some steps to make your account less at risk to these measures. ⚠️
*Price promise is valid for 24 hours after purchase. Must be a reputable business website. This promise does NOT apply to orders from G2A.