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The Art To Buying FIFA Coins!

The Art To Buying FIFA Coins! | Gaming Paradise

Hi guys, a lot of you have been customers with us since FIFA 10 days. In this case, this may just interest you.

Gone are the days of listing a bronze player for 2 million coins. We can miss these days, where it was all so straightforward, then it dawns that, despite this complete overhaul to the coins system by EA, it is still pretty easy to get your hands on coins.

Here we will run some things by you guys, who had lost all hope, which may just sway your opinion on coins. Sure, there will be customers who see this all as an extra effort, but I have timed myself how long it takes to set up a 110k order. It took me 90 seconds to go from start to finish. Buy the necessary players, to listing them for the correct prices. Translate that to 220k orders. Regardless of what you may think, it's either pay £10 (current prices may vary) for 110k, take 90 seconds of your time to list up players to get this, or spend £20 on FIFA points and end up with 25k. Come on, every FIFA player has been ther. You just cannot 'do' Ultimate Team without a little help from your wallet.

Luckily, we are back, and, quite surprisingly, we are booming right now. We couldn't have imagined business going so well so quickly after starting back up. So for that we would like to thank all of our customers, new & old, for helping us establish ourselves back in the game.

We have tips on how to buy coins, as the title suggests, there is definitely an art to buying coins. We suggest 220k max per orders for a reason, we would like to sell 2m at a time but we feel this just isn't safe enough for our buyers. You see, what's the point in selling coins if the customer is going to get a ban or a coin wipe? We would much rather repeat customers and this is why.

We noticed, that if you keep orders down to below 220k per order, and you leave 1 day or so between completed transactions, then you're highly likely to be ok. We recommend to every buyer that you should use the coins immediately after you receive, as if you're an unlucky one, and check our feedback (as of writing this, we currently have 19 out of 20 positive reviews, the only one being a customer who wasn't happy with waiting 4 hours for coins, but we talked it through and it was back when delivery was up to 24 hours, its now MUCH quicker) so this shows the chances of anything happening.

We offer fantastic support, as well as prices and reliability. We hope to offer many more ways to keep your account safe.

- Thanks for reading guys, please share our post!


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