Buy From Us Safely

to keep your account the safest you can, choose comfort trades. this is the method that is by far the safest.

First off, we advise to order when you will be online on FUT. As our delivery is usually within 2 hours for Comfort Trade (can be up to 24 if busy), we advise that you will be online ready to receive your coins. We suggest that you use the coins immediately.

Please note; Our Comfort Trades have not resulted in a coin wipe, or a ban, for over 2 years. You can use Comfort Trade with peace of mind. Read the reviews to see what amazing service we offer.

Buying coins is a non returns service. You agree to this on every order. So please follow our advice as we do not reimburse any lost coins or money paid.
Buying coins does come with a small risk. That does affect some buyers.
Now, EA rule that you can't get banned for buying coins. They use a 3 strike rule, where you will get coin wiped (just your coins, not your players) if you have been found to have bought coins. You get a warning in game, and through email. You get 2 before you eventually get banned from EA games.

If you need any more help/advice then contact

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